Spiritual Strength – The foundation that keeps us alive!

I want to make this point perfectly clear. Your testimony had better be rock solid if you are going to start learning about being an Empath. Please . . . please . . .  please . . .  above all else, if you have not done so already, pray about and get a firm confirmation that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do indeed exist. Pray about and get a firm confirmation that Joseph Smith did receive a vision from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and that he did translate the Book of Mormon under their direct guidance. Know for a surety, without a single doubt that the basic principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are true. And make sure you are doing all you can to live what is needed to stay close to the Gospel (attending church, praying daily, reading scriptures, Temple attendance, and on).

Sure it is hard to be around others, but I will teach you about keeping yourself grounded, making it easier to be around others and in large crowds even. But most of all it is so important to be a strong, believing member of the church. I have read many accounts online this last year of members who have Empathic, Psychic abilities wandering from full membership to other pastures they thought were more correct. I am here to tell you, that some of the things I have studied and learned from would have led me away from my beliefs if I did not have a strong testimony.

The communities of Light Workers, New Age Spirituality and Mind Capabilities are very alluring to Empathic and Highly Sensitive People (HSP). They all want to teach you their ways of doing things. They all want you to believe that the Savior Jesus Christ was just an enlightened being among many others. And the worst of it all, they want you to pay them to give up your beliefs and accept theirs.
I recommend that if your testimony is weak, stay away from these people. They will have you doing things that are not appropriate for a member of the L.D.S. Church to be doing or believing.

I might be a little slow, but I will do my best to post all that I have learned here in a timely manner. I will work hard to only post what I think is appropriate for L.D.S. people to learn and use. And if you have insight, please feel free to share it.

Till the next post,

Light and Love

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  1. LDS Empath - May 5, 2014 at 7:17 pm Reply

    Great question. I have been aware of my Empathic abilities for about a year now. April 2013, I was researching why it was so hard for me to control my emotional eating. When I came across a few other web pages describing Empathic abilities. It was as shocking as a slap in the face when I started to realize what I really am. I began scouring the internet for as much info on the subject as possible. There were many websites with good info. But none where Christianity wasn’t being discounted. Most will always say that Jesus Christ is only an ascended Master and not thee God of this world. I know and feel differently.
    So, I will tell you which sites I enjoy, and advise you to do as I do when at those sites, “Ignore the anti-religious comments and teachings.” Treat this as a talent, and going to the websites as just gathering information on how best to utilize your talent, that of being an Empath.
    My favorite is http://www.empathconnection.com/. Dr. Michael Smith knows his stuff. He is kind, and very giving. I recommend his Facebook page as well, facebook.com/EmpathLifestyle.
    My next favorite is http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/, There are many friendly people there and the forum is great for asking questions.
    All of the rest of the websites out there have not impressed me much.
    Hope this helps and Thank you for your comments and questions.
    Love and Light

  2. Al - May 4, 2014 at 11:14 pm Reply

    Hi there,

    I am just realizing that things I experience are…atypical. 🙂 I’m looking for places to learn more that are also relatively safe for an LDS person, but there isn’t a lot out there that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable (THANK YOU for putting this site together). Could you put together a list of places where you’ve found helpful information online? I want to understand what I’m experiencing better.

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