Quick and Easy On-the-go Clearing Methods

Grounding is probably not a new term for many. However, understanding the term as it applies to Empathic people is very new to most. But, in order to understand grounding fully, there are a few other terms that need to be defined.

I am sure everyone reading this will agree that we are made up of two main parts. A spirit and a physical body. Both exist in the same space as each other while we are alive. But what keeps them together? I would submit to you that there are points all along the spine and at several other minor points that weld the body and the spirit together. I think of them as energy transfer points. Points where the spirit and the body transfer energies between each other. They generate energy. They also act as a control for the endocrine system. Many cultures around the globe refer to them as chakras. Each chakra stores personal history concerning emotional, mental, physical and spiritual events from our lives.

There are seven main chakras. Each one can be imagined to be circular and about the size of a softball. Sometimes larger and sometimes smaller, depending on the health of the chakra. The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is called the Root Chakra. When you think of this Chakra,  imagine the color red. The next is the Sacral Chakra. Its color is usually thought of as orange. It is located in the sexual organ area. The next chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is located in the gut area. Its color is yellow. The center chakra is the Heart Chakra. Located in the middle of the chest its color is green. Above this chakra, located in the front base of the throat is the Throat Chakra. Blue is the color for this one. Next, located in the center of the head, at the base of the brain is the Brow Chakra or the Third-eye Chakra. Its center is the pineal and pituitary gland area. The color for this chakra is violet. Then at the top-center of the head is the Crown Chakra. Its color is a silvery-white.
How we eat, what we breathe, our emotions, and how we treat others can determine if our chakra system is clear and healthy. My chakras were very clogged and barely functional a few years ago. I have had to do much clearing to get them as clean as they are today.

The bodies electrical system is the next important factor in grounding. While the chakras are the energy transfer points, we have going between the chakras, main energy lines called Meridians. Like chakras there are major and minor meridians acting as freeways for the energy to flow through our bodies. When meridians get blocked or clogged by how we eat, or emotional garbage, they begin to not function right. This why we feel tired all the time – or worse yet, are sick a lot.

As the electrical energy surges through our bodies, our outer edges tend to have thin layers of colorful light. It flows around the outside of our bodies looking like a prism of colorful light. It is our body’s main energy field. Those who can see auras, say they look like thin layers of colorful light encompassing the body. Here is where it gets interesting. When they look at the aura of an Empathic person, the aura looks different. It looks more fog-like and is less dense. It spreads out further from the Empath. Many speculate that this is one of the ways we are able to feel others emotions so well. Our auras act like flypaper and as emotions are released by others they stick to us. This is how we feel others emotions. And when others are dumping their emotions on us, we are filling up our electrical systems with these emotions. Over time, if we do not clear these emotions, we will become clogged and that is bad. Things like auto-immune system diseases and illnesses begin to form in us. Depression, anxiety, and many other emotional disorders can form as well. Empathic people must clear their electrical systems regularly. If not, WE DIE.

So, now enters the word, grounding. The process of cleaning our electrical systems of all of the emotional yuck we have been vacuuming from other people throughout the day. There are many ways of grounding ourselves. I will post these in many other posts. For now, let me explain what we are doing when we ground ourselves. Basically, we are saying to our electrical system, “Hey, electrical system, open up the Crown Chakra to all higher-vibrational energies. Open it up to all energy that is for our greater good.” Then we need to communicate to our Root Chakra or to the the two minor chakras located in the center-bottom of each of our feet, to open up and let out all of the lower-vibrational energies. Basically everyone else’s emotional garbage that we have gathered. And we send these energies down into the earth. The earth is designed to take these lower-vibrational energies and convert them back into clean, good energies again. When we are grounding, we are exchanging the energies and allowing for the flow of goodness and light back into our electrical systems. Kind of like changing the oil in a car. It runs much better when this is done.

The most basic way of grounding is very simple. Go outside and touch the earth. With your bare feet, your hands or even lying on your back in the grass. Being in the sunlight also helps with this. Taking in large breaths of fresh air helps as well. I will start posting different grounding techniques for you to use. There are many. It does not matter how you are grounding. What matters most is that you are grounding each day.

Till the next post,

Light and Love

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  1. LDS Empath - May 5, 2014 at 7:23 pm Reply

    My favorite is http://www.empathconnection.com/. Dr. Michael Smith knows his stuff. He is kind, and very giving. I recommend his Facebook page as well, facebook.com/EmpathLifestyle.
    My next favorite is http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/, There are many friendly people there and the forum is great for asking questions.
    All of the rest of the websites out there have not impressed me much.
    Hope this helps and Thank you for your comments and questions.
    Love and Light

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