Concerning That Meditation Thing

Until recently, I always thought of people who meditate, as people who were praying to another God or something weird like that. I have sought further education on the subject, both intellectually and through experience. I can gratefully say I am now one of those weirdos. But I found out, it isn’t praying at all. Oh, well, it can be. I have prayed a few times while meditating. There is more to it though.

First and most important, it is a quiet time for your body to physiologically work on lowering your blood pressure and to let go of built up stress from the day. Emotionally, it is a time to process through what occurred during the day and what I can work on doing better tomorrow. I have also found that my dreams are much more instructional and beneficial if I meditate before going to bed. And if I should decide to pray for more help and guidance it is an even better time to commune with God and learn from him. Remember, it mattereth not how you pray, just as long as you have a sincere heart while doing it.

I do everything that I need to do to get ready to go to sleep first. Since I am overweight, I have found that meditating in a sitting position on my bed is most comfortable for me. I turn the lights off, and turn on instrumental-only music. I then close my eyes and begin a breathing technique I have learned from several different sources. Breathe in for 4 seconds. Hold for 12 seconds. Breathe out for 6 seconds. I repeat this 10 times, sometimes more. It relaxes me, helps to get energy flowing and opens up my thought process. As I relax I let all images and thoughts flow into my mind, and I ignore them. I let them just pass on by and back out into the world. I instead only focus on a lake. And if the water in that lake is choppy and rough, I focus on calming that water. Some days I succeed.

Once done with the ten breaths, there are many different meditations you can do. And the ones I focus the most on are grounding meditations. An easy one is this. See in your minds eye a mini-sun forming over your head. Imagine it getting really bright. Then think of yourself as a hollow glass. Imagine the bright sun pouring its white, bright, clean liquid into the top of your head. See it fill you up to the top of your head. Then see all of the unwanted feelings and emotions flowing from your aura into this liquid. See the liquid begin to capture and hold onto these dark and yucky energies. Also see energies from yourself flowing into the now darkening liquid. Let go of it all. There are times when I just sit and cry while letting go of all of these energies. Then imagine a stopper at the base of your spine. Let that stopper open up, and watch as all of the now dark liquid flows out of you and down into the earth. Then see the mini-sun overhead pour some more liquid sunshine through you and finish clearing out all of the residual yucky energies. Once that has finished draining, you can now put the stopper back in and let the mini-sun fill you up one last time. Feel the positive energies of love, peace, happiness and charity flow back into your heart. Now is the moment to sit and bask in these positive energies.

You can also go another step further. Imagine the mini-sun slowly lowering into your crown chakra at the top of the head. See it go through the next three chakras down to your heart chakra, located just above your heart. Then watch as the mini-sun expands outward and creates a solid bubble of light around you. This creates a feeling of protection. Then watch as some of the energies expand out even further to energize and charge your aura. You are now three layers deep in positive healing energies. Energies of goodness, love and peace. Energies from God himself. These kind of energies come from no other source. Not if they feel as wonderful and positive as these kind do. Now you are ready to sleep and have good dreams. You are grounded and clear, and ready to receive good positive influences from heaven, to help guide you on your path of discovery as an Empath.

Love and Light

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