Quick and Easy On-the-go Grounding Methods

You are at work, and you notice an emotional increasing in you that is out of place. It is obvious that you as an Empath are taking on another persons emotions. It is awesome that you can help. But now you are too distracted to work.
Or suppose you are reluctant to go to church because you just hate all of the emotions that people are experiencing as they work through their salvation with their maker. Any of us who are Empathic know this pain all to well. Before learning of my Empathic talent I used to hate Sundays. I would come home either totally exhausted or extremely depressed and overwhelmed. And most Sundays it would not wait till I was home. I have spent many Sunday afternoons in tears and on my knees asking why I felt this way.
So what are some ways we can ground out and let go of all of the emotional energies we are collecting?

I like this first one. It is very pleasant to Empathic and Highly Sensitive people. Before going to church I apply some essential oils to my brow, or behind my ears under the base of the skull. Or in the center of the back and base of the skull down to the top of my spine. Or at the base of the front of my throat. All of these are areas of energy for us. Placing any of the following essential oils in these areas helps to keep our energies clear: Sage, Patchouli, Frankincense, Bay Laurel, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Vetiver and Sandalwood. Sometimes I even just carry a bottle of one of these, and just smelling the oil is enough to help with clearing and letting go of other people’s emotions. I won’t go into the amount of energies that essential oils have in this post. But some essential oils are very energetic. When using essential oils you are replacing the lower energies collected in your body with the higher vibrational energies.

And speaking of energy replacement, lets talk water. If you simply get up and go wash your hands, letting the water flow over them for a bit longer than normal, you will once again be exchanging lower energies for higher energies. And water is also washing away those energies. Very convenient. Good clean water has the ability to give higher vibrational energies while washing away lower vibrational energies. Even drinking it helps. So stay hydrated and you stay more emotionally balanced. Yes, bathing also grounds us. But you just can’t do that at church or work. But wait, maybe you can. There are days when I cannot get up and go wash my hands. So I simply close my eyes and visualize a whole lot of water pouring over me. I do this till I feel more centered and emotionally balanced again. It amazingly works.

Let’s talk salt. Yep, you can use this as well. Just put a small box of salt on your desk at work, and it will absorb most of the thought pollution coming your way. I even put a small rake in it and a piece of stone and make it look like a zen garden. You know its time to change the salt, when all of it has turned to powder. But who carries around a zen garden of salt at church? You can put it in a container and place it in your purse. But not as easy for the guys to do. So, just like water, you can visualize a huge pile of salt falling down over you and flowing into the ground. Just close your eyes and visualize this for a few minutes. Salt will clear away lower vibrational and unwanted emotions as well. This is an immense help on those tough days.

Let’s talk crystals and stones. My belief is this. They are a beautiful creation of God. And when he created them, he made them in many different sizes and color. Most importantly, he filled them, programmed them, with many different types and levels of energy. So using crystals or stones merely for the energies that they emit is not of the devil or wrong. It is just the same as using wood for fire. You are using the material for the energy that it emits. Thankfully we don’t have to eat rocks for energy. I will explain in another post how to properly use crystals and stones in order to benefit from their natural energies. Some basic crystals and stones that I use to help me with grounding are quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, hematite, obsidian, red jasper and turquoise. I eventually will have an entire section dedicated to information about this. But just carrying these stones will help you to stay more balanced and clear. And make sure, if you are carrying any, that you run them under cold water to help them release the emotions they have collected for you.

Music is a wonderful way to rid yourself of unwanted energies. Amazing that God knew this enough to have us sing so much at church. Sound, at the right frequencies, or pitches will clear you. One of the best sounds are those of crystal singing bowls. If you go to Youtube and search for crystal singing bowls, there are many videos there with just that sound. Some are even an hour or more longer. The sound from these will clear me the fastest. They are at just the right pitch and frequency. I find myself practically floating on the ceiling after just a few minutes of these beautiful sounds. Funny thing is, I don’t seek the music I used to listen to anymore. I now seek only music that has a pure energy and feel to it. Rock and roll, country, jazz, heavy metal – none of that appeals to me anymore. I think you will find that the more true sounds in music and life will help you feel more balanced and grounded.

And lastly, just plain touching the ground itself will help. Take a short 10 minute break, go outside to the closest piece of lawn, loose the socks and shoes and feel the calming feeling of the grass. Even better is if there is sand. Sand is just a bunch of tiny crystals. It is amazing the energies sand gives and takes. You can ground out really fast just by touching sand. Lean against a tree. Trees are connected to the ground and will be glad to take all of the emotional baggage you have collected.

Ok, this is getting long. I think you have just a few more ideas in your arsenal of grounding techniques. Most important of all – USE THEM!!!! All too often we think we need to be too busy to remember such life saving tools. If you don’t ground, you will be depressed all the time. You will get sick way more than you should. You will stay miserable. Adopt the motto, “JUST GROUND”. Do it. Many times a day. Just do it. Just ground. Life will feel so much better. I mean really FEEL so much better.

Love and Light,
The LDS Empath

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  1. Susan - October 7, 2017 at 7:39 pm Reply

    New research (UM.com) points to Mother Earth as having an ice core surrounded by water at her center rather than fire and melted rock as has been thought previously. I revised one of the visualizations, just for my own use, so that it reflects this truth. For anyone who might be interested, I will share it here (if permission is granted by the author): “Draw into your awareness the abundant Water at the Center of our sweet Mother Earth. Enjoy the healing energy she so freely shares. With your mind and heart, feel deeply down into her cleansing Waters, stretching and bathing luxuriously. Easily release to her your surplus of sensory energy, treasuring her ability to re-birth it. Feel the healing water bathing, comforting, and releasing your spirit. Feel and express gratitude to Jesus Christ for creating our beautiful Earth Mother and for giving you life through her.” Blessings–

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