Are You Living . . . Or Are You Dying?

A dam will stop water from flowing. Though a beautiful lake is formed and created, the progress of the water is halted. The same thing exists with the homonym of dam. To be damned is to have your progression blocked. As my life continues forward, there are times when I feel like my forward progression has ceased. Its at these times I have to stop and review my life to see if I really am being blocked in my progression by inaction on my part.
I learned a valuable gem in an audio class once. Put simply, there are two forms of action we must always work at in order to live. They were even taught by the Savior Jesus Christ.
First, we must never compare ourselves with others. Of course Jesus never directly taught this. But he did teach ‘Love thy neighbor as thy self’ and ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’. Those teachings combined are in effect us comparing ourselves with others. When we compare we are judging the other person, and that judgement falls back on us. We are also finding fault within ourselves and hating the other person for what we think they have going for them. What a tragedy. Never, never, never compare yourself to anyone else except your former self. And then only do the comparison to check on your progression. Use it as a tool to boost your self esteem when you think you aren’t doing all that well. Look to your past self and see how much more you have grown.
That leads into the second gem. Always work at learning something new. Jesus taught us the same, ‘Be ye therefore perfect’. The church teaches us that what we attain in this life will rise with us. So learning is the second great key. Learning is growth. And just like all living things on this earth, if we are not growing, we are dying.
As Empathic people, we have an even greater reason to follow these two simple rules. Never, never, never compare yourself to other intuitive, highly sensitive or empathic people. Your talents become distracted and shut down. You are of no help to those you serve and you suddenly take on even more emotions and negative energies than you can handle. Talk about an express train to depression land. Remember, just like everyone is progressing at a different pace spiritually, we are progressing at different paces empathically. Empathy is, in my opinion, assigned to most of us at birth. God has given to us what we will need to be of service to others. Take what he has given you and develop it more, so that you can be ready to serve even better as an Empath when called upon by God. Remember the biggest key to developing any intuitive, highly sensitive or empathic talent is LOVE.
Now, about that growth or dying thing. If you are working hard to learn more about your talents and how best to use them, . . . abracadabra . . . this is growth. You are not dying anymore. You are growing. So what if your growth and learning is not Algebra or English or Chemistry. Your growth and learning are instead, in the areas of relationships, spiritual communication, positive energies, empathy for others, charity and most important — LOVE. All of these have one thing in common. They are the activities we will be engaged in after this life. You are getting early training for the next life.
There have been times lately, I am just going along and the sudden realization hits me, “I AM AN EMPATH.” It wakes me up. I am different. I celebrate this. My heart is full of gratitude and happy tears whenever I realize this. I have a talent that intimately brings me more close to Savior. I am more like him. And I love him even more.
Till next time, keep your comparisons to yourself and keep on growing.

Love and Light,
The LDS Empath

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  1. LDS Empath - August 21, 2014 at 2:47 pm Reply

    Yes. If you go to any person who can see auras and ask them to compare your aura with another person, they will state that your aura is different. The aura of an Empath is foggy and diffuse—and spreads out like the branches on a tree. The aura on a non-Empathic person is more layered and tight in around their body. God has designed us differently. Our auras reach out and catch the emotions of others. If they are letting go of these emotions, we catch them and take them on. We are kind of like emotional vacuums. Then it is important for us to let go of these emotions and release them into the earth. The earth is designed to transform energies. It takes these lower-vibrational energies, cleans them by transforming them into clean higher-vibrational energies and sends them back to other living things. There are many Empaths who shut this down. Unfortunately this comes with consequence. Their energies become stagnant and then it begins to manifest itself in other ways physically. Like auto-immune diseases, depression . . . and the list goes on. So fully vibrant, happy, highly-functioning Empaths are open and continually receive unspoken information from those around them. And yes, we transmit as well. Our auras extending out help us to send and receive information.
    So to answer your first question, when we are receiving information about a person, they in a sense are burdened by it and this burden is in their aura. Then we, like responsible vacuums, come along with our aura and help to clean their burdens. Or lighten them at the very least. That is why people seek us out and suddenly start sharing their lives with us. All Empaths have this talent, and share this burden or blessing.

  2. LDS Empath - August 21, 2014 at 2:25 pm Reply

    This comment came from EMPATHTOO ( I re-posted so as to hide the picture per request):

    Are you saying or do you believe that “knowing” actually heals the person you are “accessing” (if you direct love toward them)? I seem to spend my time “receiving” BUT I am aware that I am able to “give” emotions to others. I do some public speaking and I can both feel my crowd as well as transmit emotions to them. I “give” them love and release from grief.

  3. LDS Empath - August 20, 2014 at 10:00 pm Reply

    Thank you for the kind comment. I have found that receiving information about others just comes with the territory. The Savior, Prophets, Stake Presidents and Bishops receive the same thing. Stake Presidents and Bishops mostly loose this talent of perception after being released. However, The Savior, Prophets, and Empathic people must learn to come to terms with it. Such receiving of knowledge can be very, very, uncomfortable at times. Knowing someone else’s dark secrets can be unnerving. I have found that most of the time, if I focus on something else, the information usually goes away. Sort of flushing it. A technique I learned from a mentor was to figure out something positive about the person. Then focus only on that. Really it all boils down to love. We need to see things from the perspective of the person, and love them. Just as Jesus Christ loves us even when we are being really goofy and sinning. He still loves us. This is really tough at times. I can relate. Instead of thinking of it as a burden, think of it as you helping them clear some of their own burdens. You are sharing in the burden and helping them. Then do some really good grounding later on. Hope this helps.

  4. LDS Empath - August 20, 2014 at 9:43 pm Reply

    This comment came from EMPATHTOO ( I re-posted so as to hide the picture per request):

    “Thanks for this site. I am a type of empath too and the only active lds empath that I knew about till you. So thanks for hosting this blog. I am a healthcare worker and often know about approaching death-so I prepare the patients and families for this. Historically this has been my primary empathic gift but recently I’ve been picking up on all kinds of information about other people (things they would not want me to know). So this knowledge feels burdensome and intrusive. My question is :is there any reason or purpose to knowing uncomfortable hidden truths about others. Can it be stopped while not shutting out the “higher” usages of the gift?

    Thanks for your insight”

  5. angie - August 10, 2014 at 2:56 am Reply

    I am an LDS empath as well… I’d love to connect as Facebook friends or through email.

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