Choose Wisely That Which Is Good . . .

For the last two weeks, I have been feeling the need to write about a subject that can be a bit confusing. When we first figure out that we are truly Empathic, we begin to crave and seek as much information concerning the talent and what is involved. What new talents do we have that we have ignored to this point? What can I expect from being wired like this? Our lives begin to become more clear as we gain more understanding as to why things have happened the way they have. Many people have experimented, explored and come to conclusions about the unseen world. You and I will come across much of these bits of information, practices and beliefs. It is how we choose to proceed with the new information that will determine our destinies.

Some Empathic people have the ability to hear, see and interact with spirits and Angels. And just like the living, the dead are drawn to Empathic people for help. Some of us can only hear the dead. Some of us can only just feel when they are around. And a very select few can actually see through the veil. So, naturally, we feel the inborn need to communicate with them in order to try and help. We are Empaths. Empaths are wired to help no matter who it is. So spirit communication can be new to us. At church, we are taught how to pray, and communicate with the Godhead. But communication with other spirits on that side of the veil is not really taught. There are some really bad ways to try and communicate with the dead. I know for a fact that I always stay away from Ouija boards. And Seances are a really bad idea. Especially allowing another spirit into your body. Bad, bad, bad. These ways of spirit communication invite spirits that are only interested in causing you grief and pain. Nope. I will not allow these in my life.

There are much safer ways of communication with spirits and Angels. I will admit, spirits visit me and I can feel them around me. There have been times that I felt they wanted to communicate a need. At first, I made the mistake of just trying to help them. Only to be embarrassed by the misinformation or trickery of the darker spirits. I have learned a few rules when doing this kind of communication. First, when presented with a spirit asking for help, I always say a quick prayer and ask Heavenly Father if I should try to help and If this spirit is who they say they are. If the Holy Ghost gives me a warm feeling inside, then I know I am going to be safe in helping the person.

Second, whenever I pray, it is usually silently and in my mind. Same as when I communicate with spirits or trees or animals. But, there is a very important difference. It is in the reverence of the communication. Whenever I say a prayer, my eyes are closed, my head bowed, my arms folded and I am showing the most respect possible towards my God. When I am just communicating with other spirits with my mind, none of the reverence is present. I do still practice respect and politeness in my communication. And I demand this from the spirit as well. These two rules have helped me to better communicate with those who are in need.

There are also other tools that invite evil and darkness into your life and can cause dark entity attachments. While crystals and stones are as safe as a programmed computer, the intent of their use can lead to serious problems. I recommend their use only if it is to help with physical ailments, to assist with clearing of emotional issues or in the aid of daily help. Never think of them or treat them as idols or Gods. Praying and showing reverence to them is wrong and turns them into idols. They have spirits just like plants and animals. They are here for our use just like herbs or essential oils. And when programmed and used correctly, they can help to enrich our lives in good positive, energetic ways. All of that said, do not ever use crystal balls. Such practice will invite trouble into your life.

Other not so smart tools that should be avoided are Tarot cards and Tarot dice. Why do we need our fortunes to be told to us. It shows we are faithless and do not trust God. Some have asked about dowsing or divining rods. These are safe to use when you are just using them as tools to detect energy. Adding words or prayers to unknown entities while using them is a bad idea. Only use them as tools of energy detection. Nothing more. Pendulums also fall into the same category. Their use should only be for asking yourself questions. They are a tool to help communicate with our subconscious. Communication with any other source while using a pendulum is a bad idea.

We need to become a strong, full-of-energy, positive force for good in this world. As Empaths, we can be very influential. Use good spiritually guided common sense when seeking the use of any tools listed in this post or any newly discovered tools. Be smart. Pray often and follow the guidance given to you by God through the Holy Ghost. And please, ask questions if really in doubt. Do your studying and research. That is why I have this blog and Facebook page. So we can discover together, this uncharted territory of being an LDS Empath.

Light and Love,
The LDS Empath

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  1. Susan - October 7, 2017 at 2:12 pm Reply

    For many years I’ve experimented with the tools you mention in this post and have come to the exact conclusions you so wisely have posted. My top priority is to have the Holy Ghost as my constant Companion. I’ve learned to be aware of when He stays and blesses and when He leaves. There is no other way to safely use these gifts than by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Godhead. Blessings–

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