A Part of Both Worlds

I know and can feel. It is not of this world and I am a part of it. And yet, at other times I feel more of what others define as ‘Normal’. I feel more human and a part of this world. Then I realize, I am an official member of two different worlds.
Some call it just being too sensitive. They say I just need to grow thick skin. And I should quit being such a baby. Others label it mental illness and want to fill me with drugs to hide it. I even find myself trying to turn it off through addictive behaviors. None of that works. It cannot be turned off. It is how I am wired.
I heard it first from one of my mentors. He stated it very plainly, and it makes sense. Empathic people are made up of two halves. We are part feminine and part masculine. And we still receive our gender assignments when born into this life from God.
Our feminine sides are our connections to spirit. Our feminine sides allow us to feel, love, and empathize more clearly than even the average female. It is the side of us that clearly allows us to literally connect with the spiritual world. And to connect with the citizens of that realm. Amazing how our intuition is like a mother’s intuition on steroids. We just know, and we are right 99 percent of the time. We not only have an inner knowing, but we also can see more about others playing out on the inner screens in our minds. And many of us can see the energies hidden to the normal person.
Our masculine sides are our connections to mortality. We are fully connected to nature. We feel the life around us. We can feel plants, animals and even minerals all around us. When the earth is moving beneath our feet, we feel it even before it moves. When the weather is about to change, we can feel it hours before the average person does. Our senses are heightened as if we were on pure adrenaline. We can smell odors like unto any canine. We can hear beyond the frequencies of normal limits. And when we are fully grounded, we feel strong like the earth we are connected to and feel invincible.
I am not describing anything supernatural. We are still mortal and bleed. But we are two halves wired together to create our whole being. For the ladies we are ‘tom boys’. For the gentlemen we come across ‘effeminate’. If you look into the eyes of an Empath, you will notice that the left eye is very large, round and feminine. The right eye is more narrow, strong and masculine in looks. This is one true way to help discover if someone you suspect is an Empath. This double citizenship can create confusion, doubts and many times leads to tragedy and the changing of one’s true identity and assignment into this life.
Now it is time for my soap-box and opinion. Why not? It’s my blog. Dear Brethren and dear Sisters, please . . . please . . . please stay with your birth assignments. I know it is confusing, but you really are more dominant and more like what you were born as. It is so important to embrace your true nature, and at the same time, recognize and celebrate that you are also part of the other gender inside. Allow the two to work together to help strengthen your talents that are a part of being an Empath.
Brethren, you can feel more caring, charity and deep love for others. There is more connection than an average male would ever allow in their world. Crying comes easier. Tenderness and true gentleness become more natural. Even these were traits of the greatest Empath to ever walk the earth. And he was not ashamed of these traits. Jesus encourages the men of the church to work at allowing such traits to be ever part of their lives.
Sisters, you feel more able to relate with guys than girls at times. There is more toughness to you. You find that some more masculine traits show in your mannerisms. You are able to socialize with men and with women easily. But more comfortable with socializing with men. You find you are more physically active and sometimes even aggressive when playing sports. Your clothes are less feminine. But it is ok for such traits to show through. As they allow you to understand the unseen feelings that you read from men, when around men.
Being able to understand others makes you a more capable and skilled Empath. Being able to feel and see both spiritual and mortal makes you a more capable and skilled Empath. Yes, we are ultra-sensitive and tough all at the same time. And this makes us strong and full of charity at all times and in all places. By having both worlds alive inside of you, you can truly Empathize and love all people. Celebrate and embrace what you were truly wired to be. You can truly be what you were born into this world to be. A highly skilled, and always ready to serve, EMPATH.

Light and Love,
The LDS Empath

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  1. LDS Empath - August 25, 2015 at 5:11 pm Reply

    Thank you for your kind comments. We are a growing community for sure. On Facebook we have a group where we are safe to discuss these topics in a safe environment. Knowing that it is not wrong to acknowledge such talents is all the more peaceful. I am glad my blog is helping:)

  2. K - August 25, 2015 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Thanks for this post.. I’m not part of this site (at least not yet), but I’m am LDS and have empathic abilities, so I can tell that you wrote this with a higher level of understanding – I can see your empathic traits showing through your words. It makes me so happy that there are other members of the Church who are like me 🙂

  3. LDS Empath - November 10, 2014 at 5:32 pm Reply

    Empathtoo, thanks, good question.
    I have gotten the information about the eyes from Intuitive Empath coach Dr. Michael R. Smith, Ph.D Counseling. He also teaches that the Lakota Indians label Empaths as “Walks-Between”. I know several Empathic people. And I have noticed that the female Empaths are Tom-boyish and have more than normal masculine qualities. The men have more feminine qualities. And as I searched for information about being an Empath, I found that there were many who had left the church because of this very problem. I know of gay and lesbian Empaths who if they had known this info might have made different choices. My main goal with this blog entry was to try and convince any and all Empaths who are LDS that they really do not suffer from gender assignment issues. They need to stay with their birth assignment and make adjustments to better co-exist with their other halves. Their eyes are also different. Some are very noticeable and some take a little more work to see the difference. I know of Highly Sensitive People who are not Empathic whose eyes are slightly different as well.
    And lets invite that Sunday School Male Student to join us on Facebook. He would be awesome to talk with:)

  4. LDS Empath - November 10, 2014 at 5:17 pm Reply

    This comment and question came from empathtoo. ( I re-posted so as to hide the picture per request):

    Submitted on 2014/11/09 at 12:36 pm

    Very interesting. I don’t have gender assignment issues but where did you get this information about the eyes? My eyes are as described but strikingly so, my left eye is about 40 percent more “open” than my right eye- there is enough asymmetry that I wear my hair in a way to minimize it because I think it looks odd.

    One of my sunday school male students is legally blind in his right eye and is an extreme empath.

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