Our Birth Assignments . . .

I grew up an Empath. I am hard-wired to read others. Try as I might, I just cannot, not read others. But I never knew what I was doing. I thought it was normal for people to have this in their lives. But also, I never did fit in. I lived my life this way for, well, all of it. Up till about 2 years ago. That is when I started to get more understanding as to what talents I have, how I should use them and why I should use them and not just pray to have them taken away so I could be normal. But wait, I am normal.

When we first realize we are wired different, we want to feel accepted by others, especially our loved ones. But, because it is taught in the LDS religion that we must rely upon the Lord for all things, we naturally assume that if a truth has not been taught from the pulpit and understood church-wide, it is not from the Lord and therefore must be from the devil. What most LDS don’t realize is that the church cannot teach us in all things. They give us guidelines and allow us to govern for ourselves. We are allowed to have personal revelation for ourselves and our families.

The veil is thin for Empathic people. So much so, that some of us have extra talents beyond just Empathy. This is allowed. If not, we would be an abomination before God and banished to outer darkness I guess . . . just being silly here. But seriously, we have been endowed with extra talents. Some of us as we have gone through life, and some of us hard-wired from birth.

I am a hard-wired from birth person. I have suffered greatly most of my life because of this awesome talent. My self-esteem has suffered big time. I was always comparing myself to normally-wired people and felt like I am a big loser. Suicidal through and through because of these feelings. I was never accepted by others — always an outcast. Still kind of am. A 47 year-old dad of 11 children, with social issues, not able to cope.

But 2 years ago, I found evidence and explanations that are spot on, as to why I am like I am. I accept who I am. I accept what talents I have and what I can do. I am learning to accept and love myself more each day. I know that the Savior, who made me the way he did, would want me to be happy with myself. To love myself. To accept the gifts of talents he has wired me to have.

I recently read, in a book about near-death experiences, a very awakening statement. Each one of us has been sent to earth with a “Birth Assignment”. Because of so many meanings and different opinions placed upon us, most of us forget this. Though deep inside, we all can still feel our assignment. We can feel the need to be doing something. The need is so powerful, it affects us deeply if we are not living it. And if we are living and doing our birth assignments, we are happy, fulfilled with life and at peace inside.

I can still feel my birth assignment calling me. I haven’t completely figured it out yet. But I think I am coming closer to what it is. I know this because I am starting to feel more happiness and peace in my life. Being an Empath is a big part of my “Birth Assignment”. I know. I can feel it. I will not deny it.

It is no longer a burden or a scary thing to be different. I understand energies and how I am electrically wired. Would be nice to have scientific proof behind what I know. But I don’t need that. I instead have my Heavenly Father and Savior’s acceptance and love for who I really am.

So I do not go around telling people about my talents. I just live them. I learn how to do them better to help others. And I know when I come across another Empath. I can feel it. And if they are aware, we just smile and know.

Light and Love,
The LDS Empath

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  1. Karah - April 11, 2017 at 2:00 am Reply

    I am just eating up your web site! I am just discovering this empath self of mine. I have a strong testimony of Christ and his church, and have accidentally recently stumbled upon this for myself. Is there a book that can introduce me? I have been scared to research much in books as I have a strong testimony and I know my gifts need to fit into my faith. I’m loving your site. Thankyou for putting this information out there. Books?

  2. LDS Empath - April 29, 2015 at 5:59 pm Reply

    Thank you John. Interesting read. I am finding that Empaths and HSPs can overcome the effects of auto-immune diseases if they would just meditate, clear, and ground every day. I am winning and overcoming what I have suffered with, by doing these three things daily.

  3. John Williams - April 26, 2015 at 4:54 am Reply

    Actually your scientific proof is on its way. Highly Sensitive people are physically different. Most HSP suffer from a specific set of health issues. One of those used to be called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which the Medical Community just changed the name from syndrome to disease. Being tired is actually only one symptom of the disease. The disease continuously mimics 1 to 4 other autoimmune diseases. This disease also has similar symptoms as Veteran’s suffering from Post Tramatic Stress. This makes sense because the depth of our sensory keeps our body and mind stuck in continual high alert, fight or flight protection mode. Because this is not physically or mentally sustainable we end up crashing. Long story short, Standford recently did extensive research on this group of people suffering from this disease and their brains are actually genetically different. This had stumpted the medical community because until recently they believed that those claiming to be suffering from this disease were hypochondriacs. If you look at the main health problems that occur when the 7chakras are out of balance they are identical to the symptoms that HSP commonly suffer from. Please watch the Standford Chronic Fatigue study on YouTube and let me know if you end up connecting the same dots.

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