Just Say “NO” To Shielding

When we do clearing we let go of other peoples emotional energies. And some of our own as well. We clear through natural ways. Ways our creator designed us to use. He designed us to be who we are and thus created a natural way for us to clean our souls. If we do not clear, the lower-vibrational energies build up and create a toxic environment for our overall spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. We then suffer in many ways. So it is important for us as Empaths to clear as often as possible.
I have noticed a disturbing trend taking place amongst Empaths as a whole. Many are under the illusion that by creating a shield / energetic barrier around them that this will be a solution. This trend is disturbing to me because I feel deep down that it is not right. We are wired differently. We have diffuse, fog-like auras, that reach out to as far as 20 feet and further. Our auras help us to collect the unseen information of other sources and people. This is our connection to the spiritual realm. This is what helps us to live in both the spirit world and the mortal world. This is why we feel like two people at once. This is why we sometimes don’t feel like we belong here. This is why we check out of this world frequently. But it is OK. It is how we are designed. We just need to learn to manage it.
If our auras are fed by our physical and spiritual bodies, much the same as a limb on a tree, or our bodies — then in effect we are cutting off our auras when we try to create a shield around our bodies. “Hogwash”, you say. “I still feel and receive information even when shielded.” That is correct. You still are using your aura, but you are retarding its effectiveness. You are bundling your aura in closer and it is no longer as diffuse and fog-like. Plus this takes energy to keep your aura like this. Energy that could be used in a much more useful manner. And it goes against how you were designed. It goes against the law of energy conservation. It goes against our very nature.
We are meant to be able to gather other energies. We were designed to be able to handle the emotional energies of others in addition to our own. You are designed to be able to manage and let go of these energies with ease. You have a calling to step up, and assist as many people in this life as you can with the talents you have been given. If you shield, you deny these talents and shut them down. This goes against your very nature and it will make you sick. Maybe not now, but given time it will. I promise you, you don’t need to shield.
Do you question why God would put you in a body designed for this. DON’T!!! You are a spiritual warrior. You were chosen to be the Empath you are. You are very much like what Jesus Christ is like. He has been very generous to create many of us just like him. Of course I am not stuck in delusions of grandeur. I do not for one second consider myself above anyone else. But I do allow myself to step-up and accept the calling I have been called to. I have been wired from birth to be who and what I am. I have natural talents that I refuse to hide away anymore. I choose to be who I really am. I am no longer afraid of what others think. I AM AN EMPATH!!! I am allowed to serve my fellow man. I am full of gratitude to my God each day that he made me what I am. That he saw in me as a spirit, someone who was up to the challenge of being like him, in this mortal life. And I will fight the good fight for all other Empaths. For all of you, who are struggling, like I did, to understand your true nature, your true worth, your genuine self.
Please, please, please stop trying to change your true nature because of the pain. It is ok to use shielding for a while when you are first starting out. But don’t do it for too long. Learn to clear more regularly. Learn new techniques for feeling higher-vibrational energies. There are tons of modalities out there. Each one a bit different. But all of the good ones seek to bring you more higher-vibrational energies. As you become a higher-functioning Empath you will become an energy generator and not be energy needy. This is the goal. When you achieve this, you will become the servant you were destined to be. Empath on!


Light and Love,
The LDS Empath

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  1. Jessica Tieking - October 9, 2018 at 8:15 pm Reply

    Thank you for having the courage to share this unpopular opinion. I joined Facebook groups for Empath. They say you can put it up all the time and someone else said they never drop it. I’m afraid it’ll make the person the opposite of Empath to the point they won’t feel or care about others emotions. I almost feel emotions of others automatically upon entering a room. It’s hard to pre shield. At least I don’t understand the notion yet. I don’t know what it is but I have a weird feeling about it too. Like what you said, it doesn’t feel right.

    • LDS Empath - October 11, 2018 at 12:09 am Reply

      Thank you. I have learned some new information and will be rewriting this post eventually. But I am still against shielding. Shielding is like breathing in and not letting it go. We can’t do that and live 🙂

      • Jessica Tieking - October 24, 2018 at 2:13 am Reply

        I’ll be interested in reading it once you do. I wish I could be in contact with more people like you. I’m still in one group on Facebook but i don’t post that much these days. Majority of responses just talk about shielding. I want to learn coping skills that doesn’t always involve shielding.

  2. Angela - October 2, 2015 at 9:14 pm Reply

    I appreciate all you’ve said about shielding but I have a question. I have been divorced less than a year and still have trouble when I’m in the presence of my ex husband. He left the church as well as our marriage and I find I need some sort of boundaries set up when I’m around him. I can’t just cut him out of my life because we have children that we are still co parenting. What advice can you offer me about boundaries or shields in my situation?

    • LDS Empath - October 9, 2015 at 2:17 pm Reply

      Hi Angela,

      That is a really good question.

      Not sure if you have read my other blog posts about how Empaths are designed.?
      If not please read them. But mostly, not only do we have our auras collecting energies from other people, but we also have our own internal energies that we create from our perspectives on life. Our beliefs, our focus regulate these energies. What are you thinking about, afraid of or worried about before you are around your ex-husband? Do these thoughts/energies create an expectation in your mind as to how you expect things will go? Then when your aura connects with his and you start reading his feelings there is a mixing of these energies. My guess is that you are on the same energy frequency as him before the moment and this is what guides the direction of the energies. Unfortunately he doesn’t have to deal with your energies as much as you get to deal with his. So you have to work to overcome the mixing of his and your energies internally.

      So instead, change what you are focused on. Focus on anything positive that will come from having to be around him. Change you beliefs or meanings that you may be applying prior to being around him. Change these to positives. This changes your energy frequency and allows you to be on a different frequency than him. Then you are able to let go of his energies when they come at you.

      It also helps to carry a few grounding stones in your pocket or on jewelry. Maybe some grounding Essential Oils on. These do not block, but instead help you to clear the offending energies and let them go.

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