Afterthoughts On Shielding

Becoming an Empath is not a given in this life. It is a Spiritual Gift as well as a physical gift endowed upon many at birth. It is also a genetic gift that is bestowed upon families and runs for many generations. Who is our maker? Who gave us these gifts? Is this not a divine calling to our lives when we receive these gifts? Do we go around saying who and what we are out of spite and to be proud? A basic given, of most innately talented Empaths, is that they are humble and they will stay fiercely loyal to truth and to what they were born with. A strong testimony of the gospel truths. A knowing deep inside of who we really are and who we were before this life. A true Empath NEVER forgets this.

I agree, “he told us to put on the Armor of God. We are told to protect ourselves and defend ourselves from the darkness, and we do it with Light. Yes, Light repels darkness. This is why you should surround yourself with Light, and magnify His light. To me, this is what a shield is and the kind of shielding I teach.” But this is an entirely different kind of shielding. This is a basic shielding that all LDS should practice and is not Empath specific. It is the whole armor of God. I have never taught to let this go. This shielding does support us as Empaths. But it works with our talents and helps to replace the lower-vibrational energies that we absorb throughout the day. And this energy helps to clear and clean our auras throughout the day. But when we try to control our talents in ways that goes against their very nature, we lose.
When we are truly living the commandments, we are most like Christ and become his disciples. Being an Empath is not the same as being a holder of the priesthood. Being an Empath is having talents bestowed upon us by our creator. And just like playing an instrument, we must practice to become good stewards of our talents. Sometimes, our practicing does involve pain. But does a diamond become a diamond just as if a lump of coal basking in the energies from heaven all of the time. It requires pressure and growth. Empaths must do the same to become higher-functioning. We must work and grow to become energy generators. Especially with the insurmountable odds that we face today. There are so many people who suffer and just need a friendly face to talk to. Should we stop doing service because we will forget our identities? No. We will find ourselves through the service of being a true Empath and staying true to what our own personal revelation guides us to do.
We will not lose our identity as we work to gain who we really are. The Lord will help us as we wander through the forest of discontent trying to understand the stewardship he has placed upon us. But we will not succeed on our own. We must work to stay close to him and understand him. As the greatest Empath that has ever walked this planet, he knows our needs, pains and what we need to do to make it through. Ours is a non-publicized calling given to us at birth. And when God sees fit, he awakens these talents within. And as they agonizingly begin to become more prominent, he guides us on a daily basis to more information that will help us understand and become more of what he guides to be.
We each have our own skill set. We each have similar talents and gifts. But as a whole, we serve our fellow man through these gifts, under his direction. This is our own personal revelation. We fight it at first because it feels crazy. We pray over and over again making sure we are receiving his will for us correctly and are not being deceived. But, even as I write this, I know in my heart that what I write rings truer than ever. We each at the correct time in our lives receive the truth as to what we should do and where we should be as it pertains to our gifts and talents. And if this means it feels like we are doing behind-the-scenes work for our Savior then let it be so. I will not argue the semantics of taking the place of the Savior. I know that is not what I mean. I know in my heart that we are merely working as tools in the hands of the Savior, serving our fellow man. We are all in this together. Please stop mincing words and worrying about who is right. Instead, let go of your ego’s. Focus on your modality of teaching. Focus on doing the best you can, as an Empath, be ye a healer or simply a facilitator. I mean, aren’t we all on the same team?

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