An Empath By Any Other Name

Intuitive seems to be the professional code word these days for a Psychic person or a person who is an Empath. It helps people in the professional world stomach the thought that such people do really exist. It helps them to avoid the true reality that people like this walk among us. Or that they are actually working with a person who really is an Empath or a psychic.

The true definition of a psychic is a person apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception, outside the sphere of science. The definition of an Empath from the dictionary is a person with extra-sensory empathic ability, capable of sensing the emotions of others around them in a way unexplained by conventional science and psychology.

Unexplained by “science”. Imagine that. If it cannot be scientifically explained, then it is not real — so think many in society. An Empath is not an unholy, evil practitioner of the dark arts. Instead an Empath is capable of receiving energies. Every person alive has an unseen energy system. In fact all living organisms have energy systems. And their energies interact with other living organisms. Basic science has proven this. And basic science also needed instruments to detect these energies.

Every person alive has talents. Some are good at music. Some are good at sports. Some are good at acting . . . and so on. So is it so hard to believe that many people really do have the natural talent of detecting and interacting with the energies of other living organisms? They simply have finer-tuned senses than the average person. They are no better than other talented people. They merely are talented in their own way.

If a person does a search on the internet for ‘Traits of an Empath’, they will encounter many websites presenting a test you can take which will determine if you are indeed an Empath. Tragically, too many people today with low self-esteem, take these tests. And out of a need to feel important they notice that they have a few similarities and magically they are an Empath. Then they start down the road of feeling like they belong to a label. They start taking on more of the traits and work at defining themselves as Empathic. It is tragic because after the initial hype of having accepted the label, they suddenly become bored with it and begin to seek another label.

The online tests and lists which explain how and what an Empathic person lives with on a daily basis only scratch the surface. Imagine if all of your five senses had their sensitivity increased, say ten or even twenty times their normal sensitivity levels. This describes what an Empath lives with daily. They feel everything. Every moment, every day, every week, every year, every holiday has a different feel to it. Every person, every animal and every place visited has a different feeling in the mind of an Empath. The Empath is always receiving the input of other energies, like a fine-tuned scientific instrument left on to continually gather data. Even when they sleep. This is where the label of sensitive or highly sensitive person (HSP) comes from. But it is misleading, as it does not describe the Empath entirely.

So yes, because of this, Empathic people seek solitude away from all of the input. Any great running scientific instrument reaches its limitation of data input. Empaths do so as well. So they seek to escape from other energies to rest from too much data input. This can be labeled reclusive. But the label is misleading and does not explain the entire picture.

Now all living organisms have the built-in process of instinct. It is inborn behaviors in response to energies around them. Now add the increased sensitivities to instincts and the Empath receives unseen knowledge through the increased understanding of the energies around them. This becomes intuitive. The dictionary defines an intuitive as one who has an instinctive knowing without the use of rational processes. Yet an Empath uses the programming of instinct to help process all of the incoming data that they receive as the fine-tuned scientific instrument that they are. This is why the label of Intuitive is being used so much when describing Empaths. And also sometimes they get the label of a profiler, a person who studies the behavior of others in order to understand them.

Bottom line the term empath, describes as a whole, all of these labels. An Empath is a highly sensitive person. An Empath is introverted and reclusive at times. An Empath is intuitive or psychic to a degree in the way they process incoming energy information from the world around them. They do sometimes profile the people around them.

But let’s begin to identify Empaths by their proper definition and not how the dictionary tries to define them.

EMPATH – A person with fine-tuned, high levels of sensitivity, which allows them to receive energy information from living organisms around them (up to 100ft and further), then process this energy information using built-in programming called instinct, and respond to the data output in responsible, helpful and sometimes life-changing ways to improve and better the world and the lives of people around them.

As Juliet said in the play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, by William Shakespeare, “What’s in a name, that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

So I say to you, “What’s in a name? That which we call an Empath, by any other name would not be as complete.”

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