An Instrument In God’s Hands

I feel the need to speak up and make a statement. Each one of you are here in this life to SERVE. Some of you have known about your talents all of your life. You have chosen to serve all of your life. Some of you have just recently recognized your talents. You signed up in heaven to serve from that point forward.
In working as a medium and with the living impaired, I have learned of one great piece of information that has been a game changer for me. They have described that dying was not the saddest part of living on this planet. Instead it was being born into this life that was both a mournful and celebrated moment with far more grief involved than when we depart from this life. Think about it. The extreme sadness and fear that we might not return to be with each other ever again. And we did not have the bodies to feel this. Yet, we bravely fought for this life. We bravely chose to come to this life and get a body. It is no wonder we come into this life crying. It is no wonder God allows us to be close to a mother’s heart for the first little while of this life so we can be comforted.
Mothers have the basic talent of being Empathic. Then those wired to be Empathic have that talent 100 times stronger. We knew before this life, what a difficult time all would have here. We stepped forward and asked God to allow us the privilege of serving others and helping out all we could. We asked him to wire us differently so that we could be there to help during the tough times.
Remember that though you are mortal, God has shared one of his most treasured abilities with Empaths. That of being able to Love unconditionally and to be able to help without mortal complication. To work with unseen energies and turn them around so that those involved feel better. They feel like life is okay and that they can move forward and live again. No we are not Gods. Empaths are merely here to serve God. Because when we are in the service of our fellow mortals, we are only in the service of God. This alone gives me the strength to continue to serve and give of myself, even when I am drained. If I step out of the way and let God handle the situation through me, by making me an instrument in his hands, the energies come to me and there is a positive outcome every time.
Go And Serve. Be Strong. Know that your strength comes from serving and from letting God use you to help others. This is the only way you will be able to strengthen your Empathic biceps and becoming a Higher Functioning Empath

Love and Light,

The LDS Empath

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  1. Robyn - April 14, 2016 at 4:46 pm Reply

    This was/is beautiful. Just figuring out I am a LDS empath. Very inspirational. I may message you through facebook bc I have a lot of questions. I always new I was socially awkward bc I am so intense, but I didn’t really figure this out until I started parenting. I saw you had…I think, 11 kids? I have 5. Three adopted, 2 bio. I could sense my bio kids before they were born. It seems this became more intense after I gave birth.

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