Maintenance: Keeping Our Emotional & Spiritual Biceps Toned

Recently, at a class I am taking, I learned about “PNF stretching”, or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching. Say that ten times fast. Put simply our muscles fall into a type of memory of what their limitations are. In concert with our muscles, our minds remember these limits as well. So we don’t think we can stretch past a certain point with our muscles. However, if we go to a physical therapist, they can help change this limitation. The therapist checks our range of motion. Then we have the therapist hold while we push against them with our arm or leg. After some time they release this and we check our range of motion. Magically, our range has increased beyond what our muscles and minds were conditioned to believe, we could handle.

So if we do not take our muscles past a point of what we think is our limit, we have a set point that becomes our limit. We stay there, not able or willing to take on more than we think we can handle. But when someone else guides us, by creating a force or a challenge against our muscles they become stronger in order to overcome the challenge and can suddenly do more than what they thought they could handle. It also somewhat relates to baby chicks coming out of their shells. They die if they are helped. They need the challenge of escaping their shells, on their own, to make them strong enough to thrive in life. To build their muscles past the limits of what they needed while in their shells. Sound familiar yet?

Perhaps another example will also help guide here. I am sure many of you drive somewhere each day. How are those roads doing? Most of you will answer that the roads are always in disrepair and that your drive was terribly rough. Or that there is always road construction or road repairs. Both very common answers. Yes, the roadways require constant maintenance and under a good manager, the roads will have a set maintenance schedule. However, have you ever seen a road that has been abandoned and not used for a long period of time? It usually will be full of pot-holes, with weeds growing through big cracks. What once was solid is now broken up and in pieces and ruins.

We now have two wonderful metaphors that relate to the strength of our emotional and spiritual biceps and how well we maintain them. It is through daily maintenance and exercise that our emotional and spiritual biceps are able to handle the pressure of what we face each day as Empaths. Clearing out the sludge of daily interaction with others is a must. Those lower vibrational energies will create a miserable drive on am emotional or spiritual road of unsoundness. That road is full of energy weeds and pits of despair. And we feel like we cannot get anywhere. Plus we suddenly feel weaker and apply limits to how much we can take. We can no longer handle just day-to-day emotions. We shut down, become an emotional mess and begin to cry for help. Our perception of what our limits are become distorted and we feel lost in a jungle of lower vibrational weeds.

During these times we go against what is natural for an Empath. We shield. We overeat to self-soothe and create a veritable fat barrier against the world. Sometimes extreme addictive behaviors become more attractive and acceptable to us, just so we don’t have to feel the pain of dealing with those denser emotions and energies. And if no one in our lives gets brave, and helps us to see and understand the limitations we have suddenly accepted as normal, we stay there, miserable and lost. We shut down our talents to avoid pain. And we forget about all of the unseen help from God and his angels that is always available. Every Empath falls into this. Many Empaths do not understand what is happening and this can be unnerving. The depression gets to be too much. Then our physical bodies begin to react terribly to these denser emotions. We get sick and begin to feel even worse. Daily we feel like there is something terrible that is going to happen. Or we feel like there has to be more to life than just suffering. I once went as far as to pray and ask God, “Why does life have to be so hellish if man is meant to experience joy?”

Whew. Wow! Too heavy. Seems like something to be avoided. Yet we all have been there. So it is time to stop. Don’t let yourself become lazy or complacent. If you really think you are too busy or too tired to clear, then you are setting a new limit for yourself. And if you are not practicing or learning at least one new idea or skill concerning your Empathic talents daily, complacency will set in and begin to hold you back so that you are not capable of helping others. You are allowing yourself to become more clouded with lower vibrational muck, and setting new lower limits as a new normal standard. You are not maintaining your pathway to a happier life as an Empath. Your Empath pathway is becoming broken up and harder to travel upon and your travel is slowed by how weak you think you are.

So when you hear me repeating the words “clear daily” and “become a Higher Functioning Empath”, it is not because I want to feel important and sound like I know what I am talking about. I am not your parent, nagging constantly to try and get you to follow through on these two daily needs, that an Empath has. I am not making a thousand dollars every time I say those reminders (though I wish I could:). I SAY THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE REQUIRED FOR A HAPPY LIFE. Gosh I love caps lock at times. Yes. It is because your life will change. And it won’t take too much to do that. I suffered during the first 30 years of my adulthood. I had no clue I was an Empath. I knew I had weird talents that were unexplained. But the moment I figured out who I really am, what I am capable of and what I needed to do daily, it was a game changer. My life has experienced a steady change. I am no longer bogged down with emotions that are not mine. Energy vampires don’t hurt as much as they used to. I can attend church and be in public places for much longer now. My downtime has lessened. I am becoming healthier and feeling it. Depression is a once in a while thing instead of an all-of-the-time debilitating thing. I am, for the first time since I was a youth, experiencing joy.

All it takes is daily maintenance and daily pushing of the limits of our Empathic talents. We cannot settle on the muscle memory. We need to be like baby chicks and escape our shells daily in order to create more muscle for our Empathic biceps. Not too much and not too little. Daily steady increase. And we need to maintain our ability to be able to have the strength to push our limits. This is done by continually resetting our electromagnetics, by slowing our frequencies through grounding, then clearing the lower vibrational energies. When we clear the old energies, newer higher vibrational energies replace them. The more we make a practice of these two necessities, the more we come closer to becoming energy generators and not energy “needers”. Yep, I just created a new word.

We can move through life much more capable of serving. We are here for those we need to be here for. We experience joy more frequently. We feel healthier. We are closer to God and can feel his help and helpers in our life. Our health becomes more pleasant. We become energy strong. We are generators of energy and feel it flow through us in empowering ways. We focus more on what is important and let the things that used to bother us, flow around us as if they had never bothered us. Our focus is on existing, as we have been created to be — Empaths who are experiencing bliss and experiencing joy through the service of others. Please allow yourself to experience this. Please start making it a habit to maintain yourselves as Empaths. Build those emotional and spiritual biceps continually. I promise if you do, you won’t regret it.


Love and Light,

The LDS Empath

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