Not Just Talents Or Gifts . . . We Are Empaths For Life!

I feel the need to say this. I tried to say it in a comment in an earlier post on Facebook. But maybe I was not clear. Let me be clear now. We and God met before this life. We agreed to be sent to earth as Empaths. We knew we would be very different from others. So different, that it would not be the same as talents or gifts. It would be our very base, core makeup. Our very design to be Empathic for our entire sojourn here in this life. God created us different. It is a fact. Know it. Believe it. Don’t try to argue about it. To separate us, ourselves from being Empathic would be like removing the ears of a musician, yet Beethoven wrote his symphonies. Like removing the eyes of an artist, yet Giovanni Gonnelli was a very famous blind sculptor. Both still did what they knew even though they lost some of their senses. Their very nature did not change. They remained at their very cores, who they were born to be. As it is with us. Our very nature is to be who God designed us to be, Empaths.

Empaths are the same. We do not simply lose our talents/gifts. We shut them down out of a need for survival. H20, water stops being water without the second additional element of oxygen. Empaths cease to be Empaths and die without our empathic abilities.  If I look at any of you and say, “Stop feeling. Right now. I demand it!” You all would look at me with blank stares, not knowing how to even go about doing this. It would be like receiving the command to cease to exist. But how would you even do that?

Yes, I quite imagine, what it would feel like if God did change us on the spot, and took away our Empath abilities. The sheer hell of not being able to feel. Oh the agony of not understanding other people anymore. The pain of being deaf emotionally. No more personal interaction with the unseen. It would be as dark as if he made us blind. As scary as if he made us deaf. As debilitating as if he had took away our limbs. No more running or playing in the fields of the spirit world during our time here as mortals. Our very basic programming or design of existence would be stopped. It could not be fulfilled. We could not follow through with what God put into us. The very desire to serve and help others.

God is a loving God. He made us this way because he knew we had it in us to shine through this life being physically and emotionally wired to be Empaths. We are not just talents or gifts. We are more than that. And if it becomes too much for us to handle, we shut it down within ourselves, to survive. God loves us, is kind and sometimes helps us to turn off our abilities in order for us to emotionally survive. But it never truly is taken from us. It is still there. It will always still be there. We are the ones who say if we are ready to have those abilities come back to us.  To reignite them. So that we can burn and be bright, just like the brightest stars in the night sky. So we can fulfill what he programmed us to do.

So it is okay to mourn the turning off of an ability. It means you have to work through some emotional or physical blockage. You become stronger and more capable as you work through the denser energies. To clear out what no longer serves you. To stop focusing on what you cannot change. To let go of the past. To rise above what you may have let control you. Like a deaf musician or a blind sculptor, we adapt to and overcome anything from our past and let it be. We move on and shine bright as we become more capable and serve. We serve others. We serve God. He made us Empaths. He made us Empaths for life. It is time for each one of you to go out there and serve with all of your might, minds and souls as Higher Functioning Empaths.

Never question if you have lost an ability or if it has been taken from you. Instead, ask, “What do I need to work through in order to be able to use my abilities at their fullest again?” Then listen to what your intuition tells you and follow through. Do what you need to do to let go, work through or clear what no longer serves you. Be ever grateful to God for his help in clearing out the blockage or lower energies. Then shine bright, as you begin to use your once shut-down abilities, again. To serve, to help and to live as the Empath you were born to be.

Love and Light,

The LDS Empath

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  1. Jo - January 7, 2017 at 2:25 am Reply

    I am don’t even know how I got to your blog, but I am speechless. I can’t stop reading your past posts. Oh my God, I’m not crazy. I’m almost 60 and I have just recently began excepting God’s design. Why am I putting down or trying squash what God put in me. Thank you so much. Thank God.

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