Focus, Intention and Belief

Many Empaths become easily frightened. Sometimes they feel like their abilities are weakening. This can feel scary. Sometimes they feel like they cannot progress. This creates doubt. Sometimes they feel like they are attached by energy cables or cords. This creates unnecessary obligations.

May I present to you a very constant and basic way of dealing with all three illusions. We are always making choices. Our choices are allowed because God has blessed us with this. And all have been given this. Some call it free will. Some call it agency. Some call it free choice. We know deep down it comes from God, because when it is taken from us, it just feels completely wrong. No science needed to explain that. But there are three constants that guide us when we are making choices. First, our focus. What we are totally focused on becomes what we experience. Second are our beliefs. We apply meaning to everything based on our beliefs about a situation. If we believe it will happen a certain way, then it usually will. The third thing that affects our choices is our physiology. Our physical makeup. How our body perceives through its senses. This includes what we have experienced physically from the past up to the present. It also includes how our survival instinct (our ego) has deciphered our experiences and created ways of surviving future experiences. So we have our focus, our beliefs and our references from our senses to help us make decisions. Keep these three in mind as I discuss being scared, feeling like we are tied down or in dealing with what we may think we are obligated to do.

First let’s talk about fear. I love the acronym of fear — False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is what leads to other emotions like anger or doubt or feeling blocked. We have focused on something that was not true, taken that thing and somehow convinced our senses or beliefs that it is true and it seems real to us. But if we were to ask our intuition about the truth of it, our intuition would tell us otherwise. Our intuition is a wonderful tool that God and our higher selves can use to communicate truth to us with. When we receive these truths, we have to be courageous enough to fight through our fears and see that the false evidence is not real and that what we were fearing was not real. No, that other person doesn’t hate us. They are just scared of us. Or that we won’t love them when we learn of their true nature. No, that other person cannot take away our abilities. They can steal our energy and make it seem like they took our abilities from us. But God gave us our abilities. No mortal, except ourselves through doubt and fear, can take our abilities away. No, that other person cannot place hexes or curses on us. We can focus, believe and feel like it will work. But then we have helped them through F.E.A.R. What is the truth? Our focus combined with their focus, our beliefs that they can curse or hex us, all work to affect us physically. We then help facilitate their evil and intentional use of energetic focus. So the effects are felt and believed. But only because we allowed it.

Next I want to discuss our learning or progression. Along our journey we sometimes focus on not being able to progress. We say we are blocked. We shut down and refuse to go on. Then our F.E.A.R. takes hold and we think that we did something wrong or want to shift the blame. Or because of our fear, we give our energy away to others, and become even more incapable of doing what comes naturally to us. All false. All lies. We cannot blame anyone else for us being blocked. Sure our energy may be low but we can decide to take control. We can do what is necessary to re-energize. Once our energies begin to return we find that our abilities were there all along. The only thing that was in our way was our belief and our focus, based on false evidence that was not truth. This also applies to what we believe we can or cannot do. The old adage of “We can do anything we set our minds to doing”, holds true here. All Empaths, because of their energetic wiring have access to all psychic or intuitive talents. Let me repeat this to drive it home, YOU HAVE and CAN USE all intuitive or psychic talents. The list is long. You know what they are.

Finally, I have to stand up and say ENOUGH. I want to start ending some disturbing trends. They do a disservice to us all. Many are teaching that we stay connected to others through attachments or cords. I agree, but not in the same way that most are translating it to be. These so called cords or attachments are not out of our control. It is not something that is imposed upon us by others. We have control over this. Our intentions, focus and beliefs are what create and maintain the connections. Once we have finished interacting, the cord or attachment is withdrawn or severed. An energetic piece of them remains with us, but we are no longer directly connected. If we focus on them and obsess then we stay attached through that constant focus. This requires energy. No one can maintain this kind of attachment without feeling exhausted. We expend a lot of energy to maintain these. Our focus equals our feelings. If we clear, move on, and set boundaries we have less attachments. We are in control of who we focus on or who we connect with. But we do not stay attached or corded unless we choose to. It is a conscious choice that we can let go of at any time. Stop letting your F.E.A.R. create unnecessary connections that sap your energies. No need to seek professional help or purchase expensive programs. Just stop focusing or obsessing and you will disconnect from that other person.

The last trend I want to address is the belief of us being obliged to having to help our ancestors overcome their emotional blocks in order for us to clear our own emotional blocks, and both being able to progress. REALLY???? Come on people. Let’s get this right. The Bible teaches in many places that people are in charge of their own salvation. And it is with God’s help that they need to work through this. This blog post would be very long if I tried to list them all. Go search them out for yourselves. Our ancestors used their focus, their beliefs and what happened to them physically while they were alive to determine what emotions they were going to let block them or hold them back. It is their creator who is in charge of helping them through this emotionally. The same applies to our own emotional issues. We are the ones who created our own emotional blocks through our experiences in this life. And we need to turn to God to get help with teaching ourselves the real truth instead of being full of F.E.A.R. Now granted, our beliefs based on our tribe of origin may have affected our choices. So what has been taught or handed down as beliefs through families has affected us and our decisions. But we choose to continue to believe our family of origin instead of listening to our intuition. We have not asked if it is truth through our intuition. So we continue to perpetuate the false evidence appearing real. There are instances when an ancestor can relate to us because we are dealing with the same emotional experience that they may have dealt with when they were alive. If they have not worked through it yet, they may try to connect to us to get better understanding. Then they can go to God and he will help them work through it. They can also communicate this understanding back to us in order to try and help us. If we are able to receive this info from them we can use it to begin to heal.

Fear is what causes problems. But God is not a God of fear, but is a God of faith. He is not a God of confusion, but a God of truth. We need to turn to our intuition more. We need to believe what is truth more. We need to have more faith in our intuition and God. As we do, we will focus on what is truth. No more false evidence appearing real. We will believe more of what God and our higher selves have communicated to us through intuition. We will become more empowered by not giving our energies away. We will set healthy boundaries and connect to others only when needed. And we will take responsibility for our own progression. We will understand that we are only responsible for our own emotions and no one else’s progression. We will take charge of our abilities and become Higher Functioning Empaths who are conscious and educated in truth.


Love and Light,

The LDS Empath

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