LDS Empaths And Healing

Fall 2016

Recently a television station ran a news item that makes LDS Empathic healers look bad, feel bad and just plain misrepresented. Here is the link to their report:

Here is my response to their news item.

INTENT – The state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific activity, movement or response.

What is the intent for what we do? We feel drawn to heal. We feel it like a calling from God himself. This makes it personal. We don’t share this publicly. Most will not understand. But it is in our very cellular programing to want to help others. To relieve their suffering, if we can.

Now, I will not mince words here. Each of us would do this for free if we could. We really just want to help. Most of us, if not, all of us have seen and experienced the horrors of traditional “Western medicine” at work. Our intuition tells us it is wrong. That it hurts instead of heals. This is why we have chosen to not become nurses and doctors — who get payed handsomely to do what they feel is right, maybe. So we seek to be compensated to be able to feed our families. Yes, there are those who seek more than. Their INTENT becomes obvious and sad. It is what causes our INTENT to seem the same. But we believe differently and seek to honestly help, heal and love. Just as our God would have us do.

I am glad the church has stated this caution: “We urge Church members to be cautious about participating in any group that promises-in exchange for money-miraculous healings or that claims to have special methods for accessing healing power outside of properly ordained priesthood holders.” It invites us to pray about and seek understanding when researching a new healing modality. Of course, the priesthood should always be sought. It allows the giver of the blessing to receive blessings and practice, which many priesthood holders seem to be afraid of. But many blessings received often give the guidance that we should seek proper health care, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost. And if we heed that prompting or guidance,  we seek what God would have us seek. Usually a healing modality that we know about and can benefit from.

The INTENT of honest and true LDS healers is not to replace the priesthood. Let it be forever known that our INTENT is to lovingly give of ourselves in order to help relieve the pain and suffering of others, using what we know — and which has worked for us as well. We prefer that the people we help have sought a priesthood blessing first. Then when we are sought out, we prayerfully seek guidance and energy from God to become a part of their miracle. It is their faith and spiritual ears that have guided them to us. We are but instruments in the hands of God, properly prepared to help at the right time, in the right place and with the right INTENT.

Many healers are born with more than the ability of healing. Some are highly sensitive people. Some are actual Empaths. Some have tasted death and returned with the charge to heal the rest of their days. They have great energies. And when God sends them more energies, they heal and help. I am a firm believer that Empaths do not only have talents in certain areas. All Empaths are capable of opening up all of the talents available to Empathic people. This allows us to serve people around us better. Thus leading us to be able to fulfill the measure of our programing or creation. Just remember that fears control us when we focus on limitations. If we focus on who we really are and what God hopes for us, we become more empowered. Focus equals feeling. So change your focus. Do not let fear be your INTENT for not helping and serving.

With Love and Light:)

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  1. Radel Martinez - September 26, 2016 at 6:35 pm Reply

    Thank you for this. Very well said.

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