Ebenezer Scrooge An Empath?

Yes, crazy as it sounds, I believe if Ebenezer Scrooge had been real, he would have been an Empath.

According to all accounts of the original story, Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”, Ebenezer spent many hours as a youth full of deep love and caring for others around him. He was different from the rest, but still had many natural tendencies towards normalcy as a boy. Yet, he spent many hours alone, pondering the stories that he read during the lonely holidays. He felt strong emotional ties to everything he experienced. He remembered his school and the surrounding area vividly. These memories were remembered through emotions. Emotions which had been shut down, because of the harshness of his reality. How many of you, my Empathic friends, have shut down your abilities at one time in your life due to not being able to endure one moment longer — the extreme pain of the emotions that were assaulting you?

As the Spirit of Christmas past escorts Ebenezer through to his time spent with his sister Fan, he expresses deep emotional insight describing her. “Always a delicate creature, whom a breath might have withered. But she had a large heart!” Fan must have been an Empath too. The genetics of being wired as an Empath does run in families.

Next we see the place where he is apprenticed. Where one of his fellow co-workers. Dick Wilkins, is said to be very much attached to Ebenezer. Empaths emanate an attractive, peaceful, loving aura of energy that attracts people to us. This same energy also creates an energy exchange. One where the Empath takes the lower energies from those around us and thus creates a more relaxed peaceful feeling. This is also why others feel they are safe in telling us their sorrows and pains.

Then we next watch as Ebenezer makes the difficult choice of beginning to shut down, or as I see it, the ignoring of his natural abilities. Because of the tribal beliefs of his family and societal beliefs of his day, he chooses to ignore his true inner feelings and instead chooses a path leading to importance. He denies his true self in order to become what others in his life expect of him. All except for the ones who really mattered. He even denied her, Belle. Belle saw his true potential. She knew how she felt around him, when he was being his true self. She describes her sorrow of watching him become who he inherently was not.

I really like the Ghost of Christmas Present. Oh, to have that kind of Mentor. He begins the re-awakening of Ebenezer. The realization of his true self. Allowing him to view all of the pain he could be helping with, if he were a higher functioning Empath. If he were to open up again and begin to work with the energies of those around him in his life. He does this by showing Ebenezer the pain he creates through sending out the energies of hate, fear and having no faith in his fellow men and God. By showing Ebenezer this, he starts to clear the lower vibrational energies from his very cells. He begins to feel quite acutely for those in his life. He begins to feel a deep empathy for what they are experiencing. He begins to understand the damage he is doing. And then we experience Fred, the son of his Sister Fan. He describes in detail, the emotions of Ebenezer. Just as an Empath who has never shut down or ignored their abilities would. Funny how it runs in families. Then the awesome Mentor, the Ghost of Christmas Present, uses a powerful tool that awakens the heart chakra of Ebenezer. He introduces him to Want and Ignorance. This opens up the heart of Ebenezer and allows love and caring to flow into it. How many an Empath could ever witness the results of want or ignorance being experienced and not shed tears? Do our hearts open wide when we see or think of such horrible extremes?

Then the worst ever, an Empath could experience, is presented to Ebenezer by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. The Ghost of “What If?” What if I don’t re-awaken my abilities? What if I don’t become true to who I am again? What if I don’t become the higher functioning Empath I know I am meant to be? I will never fulfill the measure of my creation. I will ignore my true nature and die miserable, lonely and full of hate and fear. How many lives could I have changed for the better? How many hearts could I have soothed and helped to heal? Ebenezer is shown the results of not becoming again who he truly was. He is shown the sadness, bitterness and overall apathy that would exist. The helplessness experienced by friends and family. Oh such a tearful and bitter part of his story. Always makes me shed tears.

Yes, Ebenezer was an Empath. So were other members of his family. He even worked with Spirit Guides. He learned how to re-awaken his abilities. He, I am sure, began to clear lower energies all of the time. He grounded and came into contact with trees or the earth each day. He began to understand energy better and used it with pure intent. As is described, he kept the Christmas spirit in his heart, year-round. Or, he lived the life of a higher functioning Empath, which is in my opinion the same.

May each of you be filled with the awakening of your abilities. May the Christmas spirit be ever in your hearts as you learn to live as a higher functioning Empath. May each of you find new empowering ways to fulfill the measure of your creation this Christmas season and into the coming year. Awaken and arise. Become the true Empath you are meant to be. Much as Ebenezer Scrooge did too.

With Love and Light:)

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