Spirit Guides: Should You Ask For Them?

Spirit Guide Dimension

Spirit Guides: Also known as Ministering Spirits

Many have been asking me about spirit guides lately. Do you need a spirit guide? Are they safe? Do they come from God? How can you communicate with them? Are they allowed in addition to direct communication with God?

So here is my take on it and what works for me. Of course asking for guidance daily from Heavenly Father and getting answers through the Holy Ghost is my number one way of getting answers from heaven. But Heavenly Father does not need to do everything. In other words, if he did, spirit would have nothing to do and would just sit around and say how beautiful the spirit world is, in a “lala land” sort of way. No, they are put to work when they are ready. And most are ready to roll up their robe sleeves and get to work when they get to the spirit world.

Our learning does not stop when we die. After death we can be assigned to guide mortals and be their guardian angels. Many spirits are this before coming to earth. That is why when they become mortals, many have prior life experiences, remembering the life of the person they were a spirit guide for. My take on why reincarnation is false.

Sometimes Empaths have just a spiritual protector who hangs out with them. This in addition to the Holy Ghost. But if you pray to Heavenly Father and ask for Spirit Guides to help you through learning to become a higher functioning Empath, he will. I can personally say that they have been a gigantic help and boost. Empaths can also pray for extra help such as angels when, the need for them arises. And many times, if we are still and recognize what we are feeling, we can feel and know that many spirits and angels are already there, helping and guiding us through difficult times.

If you feel a spirit there to help you and you are unsure of where they came from, heaven or hell, then follow this very important rule of thumb. When in this situation I always say a quick prayer and ask Heavenly Father if they are who they say they are. If I get a good feeling, then I know they are safe. If I get a yucky feeling, then I know to quickly say a second prayer and ask for angels to be sent to escort the entity away.

Once I know they are safe, I communicate with them just the same way I communicate with my higher self, other spirits, ghosts (spirits who have not crossed over), animals, plants or rocks. Learning to listen to the unseen voices of non-human spirits is a really important skill. If you do not become used to it and practice it, you will constantly question it and begin to feel self-conscious about it. To the point that it will create self-doubt and you think you are crazy or worse.

A simple exercise, when practiced, helps to open up our ability to hear the voices of the unseen. It helps us to separate what is our own internal voice (the voice of the ego, our brain) from what is the voice of our higher self (our spirit). As we practice this exercise and begin to hear our spirit voices, our intuition, we begin to hear the voices of non-human spirits much easier. So here is the exercise:

Our brains are our egos. Our brains are designed to keep us safe through logical thinking. Spiritual thinking is not very logical to the human brain at all. So our spirits need another place in the body to get their message through to our conscious selves. The gut is this place. The gut actually has more nerves in it than the brain. It is called the enteric nerve bundle. I teach all of my Empath clients that when faced with decisions or wanting to better understand a situation ( see through the emotions ) that they should do the following. Start by recognizing your heart. Place your hand on your heart. Feel it beating. Thank it for all it has done for you. Feel the positive good feelings from this. Spend a few moments becoming one with your heart. You and your heart are one in purpose. You are one in the outcome of the goals that you seek in this life. Then place your hand on your gut. See in your mind, YOU actually going into your gut. Thank it as well for always helping you to feel nourished and for helping you to receive awesome intuitive information. Recognize that you and your gut are one in purpose. You both want to keep you safe. When you begin to feel more connected to your gut and less connected to your brain, this is the time to ask the question you want to get a for sure answer on. This is when your ego has gone quiet and all you can feel and hear is from your gut and your spirit. Ask your gut your question in a yes/no format. If you get an excited happy feeling then it is a yes. A yucky empty feeling indicates a no. It is that simple.

Yet many will fight this when they first start to learn it. It feels awkward and abnormal. That is because it is. That is okay. As you make it a practice to do this exercise, you will begin to open up more. Basic communication with non-human spirits begins to become easier. You will become more capable as an Empath in understanding the emotions of all around you. Don’t fight it. Embrace it even though it feels weird. You will find that it is worth it in the long run.

With Love and Light:)

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