Ways For Empaths To Clear

Many people coming to my website and Facebook page for the first time are expressing the need to protect themselves from the energies of others. I fully understand how this feeling can become very much a need. The feelings of others can be very uncomfortable and yucky. We feel like our spirits are being smothered and cannot breathe spiritually. But the need to be protected is an unnecessary need.
Instead, we need to focus on staying grounded and keeping our heart chakra open and clear. As Empaths, if our hearts are in the right place, then we are always protected. God, the Angels are always engaged in helping us and protecting us. We are connected to the spirit world more than those who are not Empathic. As we stay grounded and keep our hearts open we will live half in the spirit world and half in the mortal world. And this is okay. It is what I refer to as living your life as a higher functioning Empath.
Our electrical fields, as Empaths, are a fog-like field around us. They stretch out to as far as 70 feet for some Empaths. For normal people, their auras are wrapped tightly around their bodies. Our Auric fields collect lower-vibrational emotions from other peoples auras. Kind of like a large water-filter that cleans tiny particles from the water. The water’s basic composition remains the same, but the pollution that was effecting the water has been removed.
It is unhealthy for us to constantly collect this from others and not clean it out of our spiritual systems. Over time it will cause auto-immune diseases and can ruin our quality of life. It is important for you to understand this one thing: We are wired this way from birth. IT CANNOT BE TURNED OFF. Only ignored. That is why so many of us suffer needlessly for most of our lives before we finally understand the cause and how to correctly manage this wonderful gift and talent.
Here is a list of basic and quick ways to begin to clean our auras from the emotional junk of others – or in other words, GROUND. Grounding is the exchange of lower-vibrational energies for higher-vibrational energies. We can exchange these energies with several sources: God, the earth, water, crystals and stones or other living things such as animals and plants.

  • Wash Your Hands – If you just wash your hands you can release a lot of energies. As you wash, visualize all of the lower-vibrational energies moving from your aura to your hands, and down the drain.
  • Visualize – You can sit back, close your eyes and see water pouring over you. See the water taking all of the lower-vibrational energies away and leaving positive energies to help energize and renew you.
  • Visualize – You can sit back, close your eyes and see tiny salt crystals pouring through you. See the salt crystals taking all of the lower-vibrational energies away and leaving positive energies to help energize and renew you.
  • Shower – If you are at home, taking a shower is a big help. Feel and visualize the water taking all of the lower-vibrational energies away and leaving positive energies to help energize and renew you.
  • Salt – Leave a bowl of salt near the area where you spend most of your day. Salt acts as an energy purifier and will capture and send away those lower-vibrational energies.
  • Exercise – Get your body moving. Breathe, stretch, walk, jog, jump rope, walk a dog, skip, roller blade, bike, hike, garden, do yoga, go to the gym, run, swim, dance… but get up and do something. Your body needs to move and stretch. As we physically work out all of the chemical pollution in our muscles and bodies, we sweat. When we sweat, we release salt as well. This also releases lower-vibrational energies. The salty sweat will carry those emotions out of our bodies. Then we can shower and wash them away.
  • Tears – Crying not only feels good, but it helps our body to energetically release emotions through the water we are releasing. If you have a good cry on a regular basis, you are grounding and releasing. And this is good.
  • Visualize – See, feel, or simply be aware of the center of the Earth and the free energy that it emits. With your mind and heart, reach down into the core, and pull up a pulsing, twisting chord of energy from the depths of the Earth. Hook this chord onto your root chakra and feel the immediate connection between you and the Earth as you exchange the positive energies for negative energies. You can also concentrate on sending the chord down into the Earth, as well.
  • Visualize – See, feel or simply be aware of your body, and become a tree. Feel your feet grow roots that sink down into the Earth and anchor you to it. Feel your legs and thighs become wood as well, as the roots that grow up from the ground encircle and entwine themselves around your legs, and continue to spread up your body. Feel the straightening in your spine as you become a trunk, feel the energy rising from the Earth up into your stomach, into your heart, into your head. Feel your arms become branches that grow, stretch, and reach for the sky, drinking in the light of the sun and changing it into energy. Feel your crown open as it fills with light, which then flows down into your roots and into the Earth.
  • Sound – The physical sound of drums can release lower-vibrational energies. Even rattles such as Oriental and Native American rattles also release lower-vibrational energies. One of the best sounds are the beautiful sounds that emanate from crystal singing bowls. The sound from these will clear me the fastest . There are many videos on the internet of these sounds.
  • Essential Oils – When using essential oils you are replacing the lower energies collected in your body with the higher vibrational energies. Anytime, you can apply some essential oils to your brow, or behind your ears under the base of the skull. Or in the center of the back and base of the skull down to the top of your spine. Or at the base of the front of your throat. All of these are areas of energy for us. Placing any of the following essential oils in these areas helps to keep our energies clear: Sage, Patchouli, Frankincense, Bay Laurel, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Vetiver and Sandalwood. Sometimes you can even just carry a bottle of one of these, and just smelling the oil is enough to help with clearing and letting go of other people’s emotions.
  • Outside – Walking barefoot on the ground is the most basic way of grounding. We exchange energy with the earth. Letting go of undesired energies and receiving peaceful energies back.
  • Outside – Walking barefoot in the sand. Sand is made up of tiny crystals. Crystals are energetic by design. Sand is continually being cleaned by the sun and water.
  • Outside – Trees are a common ally for Empathic people. Trees recognize our true nature and will help us to release the unwanted energies. If you pay close attention, you will notice how easy it is to have a conversation with trees. All trees are our friends. Last time I checked, unless you are in the desert, that is a lot of friends. Just simply ask the tree as you approach, if it will help you by exchanging energies. They are always glad to help.
  • Animals – The larger animals are quick grounders. Smaller animals can help. By petting them, we are exchanging energies. That is why it feels so good to have the company of an animal or pet. They are always grounded. With four limbs continually touching the earth, animals have great contact with positive energies.
  • Outside – Hiking among trees and other plants is just relaxing. You also add the energies of the sounds of the animals, the wind in the trees or the healing water nearby. Going for a walk in nature is exercise as well. Along a beach is great for grounding. Water, sand and the sound of the waves. All are grounding and very energetic.
  • Outside – Sweat lodges or saunas are great ways to let go of more than just sweat. As you sit in the heat, you can meditate and focus on letting go of the energies that are clogging your aura.
  • Outside – Sitting in a hot spring or hot tub can also be very cleansing or grounding. Exchange of energies with water and sweating out at the same time can be very beneficial to your electromagnetic fields.
  • Crystals & Stones – My belief is this. They are a beautiful creation of God. And when he created them, he made them in many different sizes and color. Most importantly, he filled them, programmed them, with many different types and levels of energy. So using crystals or stones merely for the energies that they emit is not of the devil or wrong. It is just the same as using wood for fire. You are using the material for the energy that it emits. Thankfully we don’t have to eat rocks for energy. Some basic crystals and stones that I use to help me with grounding are quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, hematite, obsidian, red jasper and turquoise. Just carrying these stones will help you to stay more balanced and clear. And make sure, if you are carrying any, that you run them under cold water to help them release the emotions they have collected for you, after you have used them. Letting them just sit in indirect sunlight will also help clear them.